This residence functioned as an incubation laboratory of ideas where I could have the possibility to investigate, reflect, develop and finally expose, the result of a whole month of deep mental and spiritual analysis. The coexistence with other colleagues from different artistic disciplines, activists, thinkers, cultures, ages, gender and sexual orientations allowed me to reflect on issues that are linked to race, injustice, marginalization, violence and colonialism.

Through the use and exploration of different artistic disciplines (Sculpture, Painting, Installation and Performance) develop an experience composed of several stages and components. A piece that links Art, Religion and Ritual Practices.

Theoretical framework

The white man came to African lands centuries ago to conquer, steal, murder, rape and take thousands with him as slaves to work until they died. With him he brought his own language, his own customs, identity and religion, and thus expelled and imposed his own world view. He changed forever the destiny of African history and that of the black race. He called and stigmatized all those local practices as "Pagan, Demonic, Satanic".
In this context, during my stay in Lomé, Togo and especially at the Perfocrazi International Artist Residency in Kumasi, Ghana, I reflected that, being a descendant of the white man who changed the aforementioned history, I feel and have the responsibility to act accordingly to that event.


Date of submission: February 2

Every year on February 2, on the coasts of Uruguay there is a place to donate worship to the goddess Yemanjá. This ceremony has its origin in Africa, a religion that came to America with slavery. Like her ancestors did on the Ogun River in Nigeria, thousands of umbandists gather to venerate the deity that lives in the sea.


Title of the work: The Forgiveness of the Leviathan.

The Leviathan is a destructive sea beast described in the Old Testament in the Bible. This beast is associated with the devil, Satan. The white man was this dress that came by the sea to destroy. Now this beast is coming back to ask for forgiveness.


My activity consists of three great acts, concatenated with each other.


1- Sanctuary Room

- Pre-Iconographic Description (What we see)

One of the walls is lined with images of icons belonging to different religions and philosophies from different time and space. Around these symbols are located the four cardinal points North, East, South and West. Under these symbols, on the floor there is a trunk, candles and a mirror.

In front of this first wall there is furniture where different representations (statues) of different divinities are placed.
On a third wall, videos of different religious practices are projected.

* Pre-Iconographic Description (What we see)

One of the walls is lined with images of icons belonging to different religions and philosophies from different time and space. Around these symbols are located the four cardinal points North, East, South and West.
Under these symbols on the floor, there is a trunk, candles and a mirror.
On one of the beds is placed a tree made of artificial branches and leaves, while on the other bed, there are placed artificial tree leaves and, on the pillow a red rose also artificial
A vertical cabinet with 10 small format statues, each one representing divinities of different religions.
Finally, on the wall there is a projection of personal images from different places and situations in my life.


* Iconographic Description (What symbolizes what we see)


This is where the month-long preparation ritual begins. This sanctuary will allow me to connect through my prayers and meditation with the higher/supernatural forces to request for the purification process.


- The images

These images have the function of concentrating all the knowledge and spiritual experience possible within my room. As if it were a prehistoric cave painting! where the magical symbolism of the images would allow me to satisfactorily access the desired objective.


- The cardinal points

These four images function as spiritual guidance! In the face of so much philosophical imminence and the desire to be contacted, I do not know which of these religions will answer my call.
There is the possibility of getting lost in my journey and not knowing how to return home! Having these four cardinal points of reference will allow me to know the way to my return.


- The trunk

It represents the organic, life, basic element, what was once alive and is now dead, beginning and end.


- The mirror

It teaches us the reflection of the world and allows us to see beyond, the link between inside and outside, material and immaterial, reality and unreality.


- The figurines.

They are the physical presence in this world, our interpretation of that which has no form but which we still endow with its own characteristics.

- Tree of life.

It is an extension of the trunk! A tree that has lost its leaves, that has culminated its period of existence.


- A bed with leaves and a rose.

This takes up the idea and simulates a wake room! where the person used to sleep in life.


- The projection on the wall.

Like the bed, this element collects and summarizes events of my life so that the public knows who I was and what I did.








2- Presentation at the Residence, January 18, 2020

* Pre-Iconographic Description (What we see)

In the residence I'll dig a well which I'll bury under the ground.
One of my colleagues will proceed to cover me completely with earth, I will be buried alive for a period of time of 20 to 30 minutes.
My second colleague will hold the tubes where I breathe and, at the end, will place a rose on my chest.

* Iconographic Description (What symbolizes what we see)

This second presentation is a mental and spiritual preparation for the next stage (Final Presentation)
Dying and being reborn (metaphorically) is the search for the purification of my soul and mind from all the bad deeds done. It is the cleansing of my own heart from all those feelings that only poison my life. It is to purify myself before asking for the redemption of Lanzarote man. It is according to the Christian religion the Baptism that allows us to enter the kingdom of God.



3- Final Presentation (February 2, 2020)

* Pre-Iconographic Description (What we see)

I will build a large boat (1.5m long x 1.20m high) in wood and cover it completely with newspaper.

The boat will be painted in some areas with red paint, pretending to be blood.

I will carry the boat on my back and, together with two local musicians, we will parade from where the residence is located to a soccer field located approximately 900 meters away (11 minutes walking).

When we arrive at the soccer field, I will perform some previous steps before setting the boat on fire until it is completely converted into ashes and smoke.

* Iconographic Description (What symbolizes what we see)

- Boat made in newspaper
The newspaper is an element used to communicate the events that occur in society at a given time. It is a communication tool that tells us day by day what is happening in society. I am telling the story of a historical period, for this reason I use the newspaper as a discursive element.

- Boat made of newspaper painted in some areas with red paint.
The color red symbolizes blood, it symbolizes all the people who died because of the white man.

- Carrying the boat on my back.

As Jesus Christ did with his cross according to the Christian religion. He carried the cross through the streets of the city to the site of his execution, and sacrificed his own life in order to save all mankind. I will load the boat in order to seek the redemption of our race because of the mistake made centuries ago.

- The musicians playing the drums.
These are meant to be an open call to the community. Music is a universal language and through it we extend the invitation to join us in our caravan, in our march. The aim is to include the community in this ritual of purification and awareness.

- Set fire to the boat.
This will be the final act! This message must be disseminated around the world and for this the act will be transformed into a gaseous substance so that it can be transported through the air and wind everywhere. We will lose the physical boat, but the message will be transformed into a magical and beautiful element.