Noelia Sales

U.S. Embassy

Lome, Togo (West Africa)

September 2020

Quisiera, a través de este mensaje ,recomendar el trabajo de Gabriel Mesa. Nuestra familia quedo tan contenta con los dos cuadros que nos hizo. primero uno de mi hija y tanto nos gusto el resultado que le encargamos un segundo que resulto tan maravilloso como el primero. Gabriel es un artistazo. El toma el tiempo necesario en pensar y diseñar la pintura con relacion a la personalidad del cliente. Es amable, sensible y siempre con ganas de complacer. Para nosotros fue un placer trabajar con el.

IMG-20191106-WA0040 (2).jpg

Ernest Dagbovie

British School

Lome, Togo (West Africa)

May 2020

I have known Mr. Gabriel Grela for nearly ten months now. He is a very inventive artist, painter, playwright and filmmaker. For the past two months Mr. Grela has been giving art - drawing and painting lessons to my 14 year old daughter who is a student at The British School of Lomé in Togo, via Zoom. It is quite amazing to see what my daughter has been able to learn in these one hour online lessons. She is able to draw, sketch with her left hand - something she did not think was possible for her to do before. She now even prefers the pieces she has done so far with her left hand to the right-handed ones because of the effects she gets. Her portrait work has improved and she admits that she can see more detail in the use of shading and texture to make her drawings stand out. The lessons are so fun, and Mr. Grela's approach and method of work, pause and work seems to get the focus and attention of his student. This brings out the best in the student during the sessions and keeps her looking forward to the next one. The student now has grown a bit in confidence and is willing to take up new challenges.