• It has a "Figurative" vision with a tendency towards "Abstraction" 
At times we can recognize representations of reality and at times we cannot, because occasionally there are certain tendencies to simplify volumes in basic geometric structures.


• The works have a treatment that oscillates between the "Naturalist and the Plantist"  
Because they try to look like the model by respecting the proportions and the dark light, but sometimes the color is applied uniformly.


• There is a combination of "Pictorial and Plastic".  
Because sometimes we can appreciate the brush stroke and other times we cannot perceive it.


• As for the use of color, my work has a tendency towards "Expressive". 
Since I enhance the concepts of the work giving or eliminating intensity, drama and / or symbolism, through the application of "Color Psychology".


• In "Composition" my figures are distributed with "Balance and Harmony". 
With a previous study, with geometric traces that denote knowledge and mastery of the technique. 
In general, the positions of my scenes are from a "Foreground" with a "Medium" point of view that allows us to appreciate the objects of our same level. In many cases my work deals with the "Portrait" genre 


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