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My aim is to put at the service of society the knowledge and experience I have acquired through many years of constant work in different domains. My training as an artist has given me the possibility to connect with people of different economic levels, different motor and mental capacities, ages and cultures. I seek to recognize the shortcomings of the environment and from there, generate projects that can meet these needs. 

In the past, in every volunteer I have participated in, I have had different motivations and objectives, for this reason I have been involved in solidarity causes with different directions and purposes. That's why in 2020 I decided to create a proposal called ALE.GRE. an initiative that offers workshops that seek to provide the necessary knowledge to generate jobs from the artistic practice. 

ALE.GRE. is the combination of my middle name and my first name. (Alexander Grela) which means HAPPY if we translate it from Spanish to English.