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My name is Gabriel Grela Mesa, I am an Uruguayan-American artist and I currently work independently.

In 2016 I started my activity as a professional in Colombia. since there I was associated with different groups of artists with whom I exhibited in several Latin American countries. At the end of 2018 I moved to the United States where I continued to expand my activities and contacts, getting the opportunity, to exhibit in that same country and even in Italy.

What do I offer? 

I offer through my Personal Brand and under multiple artistic angles, to develop opportunities that generate profitability and improve society.



Basically through three areas.

  • As a visual artist (in which I have a degree) developing image and video content.

  • As an actor (in constant development) providing image services for commercials, short and feature films.

  • And finally, as a philanthropist, generating non-profit development projects that impact the community, helping to improve people's life experiences.


My short-term professional goal is to support and promote the development of the cultural sector, under a democratic and collaborative perspective.
In the medium term, to become an artist of reference, and to support through my proposals the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in the same way that other artists support UNICEF's goals.
In the long term, to develop a cultural scepter based on different continents.


I have no doubt that together we can generate great economic and social changes. I am not the only artist who does this! but I strive every day without rest, to be among the best.

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