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Gabriel Grela Mesa is a visual artist and philanthropist.
His main objective is to develop professional competencies in others and in himself by carrying out activities that contribute to improve learning experiences. As an active individual, he constantly seeks to develop proposals that enhance the acquisition of knowledge in today's challenging world, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.




As an Artist he has been able to exhibit his works of art in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Italy, Togo and Cambodia.

See (Art Exhibitions).


In the Audiovisual sector he began to participate in advertising projects, short and feature films national and international productions.

See (Acting Experience).


As an Altruist, he develops projects focused on humanitarian aid. In 2023 he joined the Peace Corps.

See (Altruist)





Intellectual and spiritual wisdom is a higher force for which we must work and sacrifice.
In our search for it, the path confronts us with ups and downs. The true art lies in finding the vehicle to help us traverse the contradictory ideas and values of life.

In our search process, we will cross paths with others who are also (or not) in their own search process. 
The determining factor that separates us from one another is who seeks their own well-being first and who seeks the well-being of others before that of oneself.





Collaborate with organizations and individuals who are passionate about social development. 
Promote quality, equity and inclusion through artistic, cultural and educational projects.
Place a strong emphasis on underrepresented communities.




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