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01••WHO AM I?


I am a dedicated visual artist and philanthropist driven by a dual commitment to cultivate professional competencies in myself and others, and to enhance the learning experience through meaningful activities. As a proactive individual, I continually strive to create innovative proposals that promote the acquisition of knowledge in our ever-evolving world, while advocating for inclusivity and equality regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.





As a painter, I have had the privilege of exhibiting my works in countries as diverse as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Italy, Togo and Cambodia.

See (Art Exhibitions).


In the audiovisual sector, I embarked on a journey participating in advertising campaigns, short films, and both national and international feature film productions.

See (Acting Experience).


As an altruist, I am dedicated to developing projects focused on humanitarian aid. In 2023, I committed to this ethic by joining the Peace Corps.

See (Altruist).




Promote social development through quality cultural, educational and artistic proposals, with special emphasis on equity and inclusion of underrepresented communities.





To foster a vibrant and inclusive society in which all people, regardless of background or circumstance, have access to enriching cultural, educational, and artistic experiences that inspire creativity, empathy, and social cohesion.




Community Engagement and Participation: Involve the community in the planning, development and implementation of cultural, educational and artistic projects to ensure that projects respond to community needs and priorities.


2024 - Baphnom, Cambodia - Repair of the school library roof.

2023-24 - Baphnom, Cambodia - Baphnom High School furniture.

2023 - Baphnom, Cambodia - Landmark Baphnom High School

2021- Lomé, Togo - Coaching marketing plan of Village d'artisans de Lomé

2020 - Lomé, Togo - Coaching professional development of a high school student​

2018 - Montevideo, Uruguay - Children's Day - Art mural

Accessible and Inclusive Programming: Design projects and initiatives that are accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those with disabilities, linguistic minorities, and marginalized groups.


2024 - Baphnom, Cambodia - School bullying survey: Analysis and report.

2024 - Baphnom, Cambodia - Motivational class for 12th grade students.

2021 - Lomé, Togo - Auction and donation for the reconstruction of the VIVENDA school restrooms

Cultural Competency Training: Understand the histories, traditions and perspectives of different cultural and ethnic groups to provide them with training and professional development opportunities that enhance their technical capabilities.



2024 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Educational trip the Royal Palace & Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

2023 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Educational trip the Independence Memorial & National Museum of Art

2020 - Lomé, Togo - Coaching professional development of a high school student​

2017, 2018 - Bogota, Colombia - Private classes, Art teacher

2016, 2017 - Bogota Colombia - NGO - Art teacher

Representation and Diversity in Programming: Ensure that cultural, educational, and artistic programming reflects the diversity of the community, including the voices and experiences of underrepresented groups. Showcase artwork, performances, and educational materials that celebrate diverse cultures, languages, and identities.



2024 - Baphnom, Cambodia - School bullying survey: Analysis and report.

2023 - Baphnom, Cambodia - Khemr  & Art contest at Baphnom High School 

2023 - Baphnom, Cambodia - High school students intern at Pagodas Vihear Thom and Wat Trea

2023 - Baphnom, Cambodia - Partnership with Room to Read - Workshop Art and sustainability

2023 - Baphnom, Cambodia - School Musical Concert

2023 - Phenom Penh, Cambodia - Trip to the Open House of the American University of Phenom Penh

Creative Expression and Empowerment: To provide opportunities for people to express themselves creatively and share their stories through different artistic mediums as tools for empowerment and social change.


2023 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Art exhibition at S'art Art Gallery 

2023 - Baphnom, Cambodia - Graffiti workshop with elementary school students

2023 - Baphnom, Cambodia - Reflections on International Women's Day in the schools

Collaborative Partnerships and Networks: Collaborate with other organizations, institutions, and agencies that share a commitment to equity and inclusion.


2024 - Baphnom, Cambodia - University online program presentation in Baphnom library

2023 - Baphnom, Cambodia - Library paintings

2023 - Baphnom, Cambodia - Wat Trea Primary School Whiteboard Donation

2022 - Montevideo, Uruguay - Horacio Dura School - Mural Painting

2021 - Lomé, Togo - Espoir Vie-Togo NGO Decoration

2021 - Lomé, Togo - Auction and donation for the reconstruction of the VIVENDA school restrooms

2021- Lomé, Togo - Coaching marketing plan of Village d'artisans de Lomé

2019 - Lomé, Togo - U.S. Embassy, American Space, Lomé Kara Universities - Art and sustainability workshops.

2019 - Washington DC, United States of America - Cultural Dance Center - Hispanic Heritage Month



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