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Sra'Art Studios

Art Gallery

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Southeast Asia)

October 27, 2023

Gabriel Grela Mesa is a passionate English teacher who is currently working in Cambodia to enhance the learning process of students. He is also a talented artist who has exhibited his works in various countries and has acted in commercials and films.
Having lived with Cambodian people for over a year, Gabriel has gained a deep understanding of the Khmer people's past, present, and future. He has immersed himself in the local culture and has learned about the challenges faced by the community. Gabriel is committed to using his skills to make a difference in people's lives and to help them achieve their full potential.
As an artist, Gabriel is particularly interested in capturing the essence of people and their identity. Through his portraits of students and teachers at Baphnom High School, he showcases the unique character and spirit of the community. His artwork reflects the diversity and richness of Cambodian culture and celebrates the resilience and strength of its people.

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Marta Palmarola Adrados

European Union

Lomé, Togo (West Africa)

January 2021

I met Gabriel in Lomé, Togo. I was very impressed by the two portraits he did of a friend's children, one on canvas and the other on a wooden door. I am quite reluctant to do commissions when I have no idea what the final result will be, but I was so amazed by the work done that I took the plunge. 

The experience was very pleasant and the final result was great. Gabriel was always listening to me, on the one hand insisting that I was the one who had to enjoy the painting and that we could make the necessary changes, and on the other hand patiently explaining to me why this and why that.  

The painting perfectly captures the joy and happiness of the four cousins together, my children and my nephews, on a trip to Iceland that marked us. From the photo of the children in the glacier lagoon, Gabriel began the sketch to which he added the company of our dog, who did not accompany us on the trip because although he was a few days old, I had not yet bought him. We thought it was important for him to be in the picture because he was part of the family and Gabriel knew how to include him in the picture as if he had been with us enjoying the colors of that lagoon and its seals.

Thank you Gabriel

IMG-20191106-WA0040 (2).jpg


British School

Lomé, Togo (West Africa)

December 2020

Mr Gabriel MESA's art lessons that started in February 2020, with Esinam were initially designed to help hone basic skills in art (drawing and painting). Along the line they started to work on some design concepts for t-shirts and postcards. In addition to the designs she learned to use technology to enhance the designs, make short video adverts, setup Instagram page and make logos. She also learn the business aspect of art - how to market the finished article/product. 
Under Mr MESA's guidance, Esinam attended three art and crafts fairs in Lomé at the Club Hippique, Hotel Le Beach and Lalibela restaurant in the months of November and December, 2020. They were successful events and Esinam has gained valuable experience from her encounter with other craftsmen. She has gained a bit of personal experience with which can confidently grow her business.


Noelia Sales

U.S. Embassy Togo

Lomé, Togo (West Africa)

September 2020

With this message I would like to recommend the work of Gabriel Grela Mesa. Our family was so pleased with the two paintings he did for us. The first one was of my daughter and we liked the result so much that we ordered a second one which turned out to be just as wonderful as the first. Gabriel is a great artist. He takes the time to think and design the painting in relation to the client's personality. He is kind, sensitive, and always eager to please. He is a pleasure to work with.

IMG-20191106-WA0040 (2).jpg


British School

Lomé, Togo (West Africa)

May 2020

I have known Mr. Gabriel Grela for nearly ten months now. He is a very inventive artist, painter, playwright and filmmaker. For the past two months Mr. Grela has been giving art - drawing and painting lessons to my 14 year old daughter who is a student at The British School of Lomé in Togo, via Zoom. It is quite amazing to see what my daughter has been able to learn in these one hour online lessons. She is able to draw, sketch with her left hand - something she did not think was possible for her to do before. She now even prefers the pieces she has done so far with her left hand to the right-handed ones because of the effects she gets. Her portrait work has improved and she admits that she can see more detail in the use of shading and texture to make her drawings stand out. The lessons are so fun, and Mr. Grela's approach and method of work, pause and work seems to get the focus and attention of his student. This brings out the best in the student during the sessions and keeps her looking forward to the next one. The student now has grown a bit in confidence and is willing to take up new challenges.


Kim Raimondi

U.S. Department of State

Washington DC (USA)

June 2019

I have had the pleasure of meeting with Gabriel several times over the past several years and it’s been great to see how he has grown his experience and built on his skills to become an expert in his field. He is passionate about his work, a wonderful teacher, and creative and innovative in how he pursues his craft and shares his art with others.

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